CSC 110—Introduction to the Internet

01 Credit Hours

Department of Computer Science



General Information

Instructor: Kishore Acharya


Course Page: (EKU Blackboard)


Catalog Course Description

CSC 110 Introduction to the Internet.

(1) I, II. Introduction to the Internet and the Internet processing tools. The course emphasizes the use of the World Wide Web as an information broadcasting and retrieval tool.



No textbook required



The Internet


Student Learning Outcomes

In this course, students will demonstrate the ability to:

1.      Understand the use of various forms of Internet communication;

2.      Search the Internet for accurate information;

3.      Demonstrate an understanding of ethical use of the Internet;

4.      Demonstrate an understanding of personal and computer safety in regards to Internet usage.


Course Requirements and Evaluation Methods

·         Students must have access to the Internet;

·         Students must use Firefox for taking exams in Blackboard;

·         Students should have word processing program such as Microsoft Word (commercial) or’s Writer (free).


Grade Components

Homework Assignments----------------------- 40%

Final Exam--------------------------------------- 60%


Grading Scale

90-100 AND at least a B in each of the above components--- A

80-89 AND at least a C in each of the above components----- B

70-79 AND at least a D in each of the above components----- C

60-69 AND at least a D in each of the above components----- D

0-59------------------------------------------------------------------- F


Course Outline and Schedule





Introduction to networking


Introduction to the World Wide Web


Introduction to information sharing on the Internet and World Wide Web


Introduction to communication on the Internet and World Wide Web


Introduction to personal safety and computer safety


*Final exam schedule is available at: The final exam for this course will be announced in blackboard course site.


**The last day to drop the course can be found at (look for partial semester courses) and other important dates can be found at


Progress Report

Students will be provided with their progress in the course through EKU Blackboard


Late Assignment Policy

Weekly assignments are due at the end of the day (11:59 pm) each Friday. Late assignments will not be accepted.


Academic Integrity

Students are advised that EKU’s Academic Integrity policy will strictly be enforced in this course. The Academic Integrity policy is available at Questions regarding the policy may be directed to the Office of Academic Integrity.


Students are expected to do all assignments independently, unless explicitly told otherwise. Cheating is an act or an attempted act of deception by which a student seeks to misrepresent that he/she has mastered information on an academic exercise. Cheating includes, but is not limited to:

·         Giving or receiving assistance not authorized by the instructor or University representative;

·         Participating in unauthorized collaboration on an academic exercise;

·         Using unapproved or misusing electronic devices or aids during an academic exercise. (from EKU Student Handbook)


Cheating on an exam or assignment will result in an F grade for the course and the Procedures for Dealing with Academic Integrity Cases specified in may be initiated.


Disability Statement

A student with a “disability” may be an individual with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities such as learning, seeing or hearing. Additionally, pregnancy or a related medical condition that causes a similar substantial limitation may also be considered a disability under the ADA.

If you are registered with the Office of Services for Individuals with Disabilities, please obtain your accommodation letters from the OSID and present them to the course instructor to discuss any academic accommodations you need. If you believe you need accommodation and are not registered with the OSID, please contact the office in the Whitlock Building Room 361 by email at or by telephone at (859) 622-2933. Upon individual request, this syllabus can be made available in an alternative format.


Additional Notes

The instructor reserves the right to modify course policies, course schedule, and assignment/ project grade weight and due date. All students are expected to be responsible users of the computer systems for this course. If you require accommodation based on disability, please meet with the instructor in the first week of the semester to make sure you are appropriately accommodated. Email me at to set up appointment for meeting.