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General Information:  

 This is a health services administration research methods course that is offered fall and spring semesters as a Web-enhanced course using Blackboard. Web links are provided below that you should review.    Required class attendance will be for two exams (midterm and final), a presentation near the end of the semester, and two individual meetings.  There will also be at least one optional review session.  Required full class meetings will be in Dizney 112 or 128 from 6-8:45pm.  In addition, you will be required to participate in online discussions and to turn all assignments in on time.  This course requires you to be an excellent time manager! The most challenging part of a Web course can be keeping up with the assignments and class information.  It is recommended that you check Blackboard for announcements on a regular basis, at least once or twice per week.  You also need to stay current with your email on a daily (or almost daily) schedule.


The course requirements include intensive reading and homework assignments during the first 6-7 weeks followed by the midterm exam.  You will then apply your knowledge by developing an HSA research protocol (written paper and verbal presentation), critiquing several published HSA research studies, and completing an online program about protecting human participants in research.  The course concludes with a comprehensive final exam. 


 Schedule for Class and Individual Meetings:  We will meet as a class around week 7 for a midterm exam, near the end of the semester for student presentations, and for the final exam as scheduled by the university calendar.  Two required individual meetings to review your protocol progress will take place during the last half of the semester. These will be arranged with each student.





Course Expectations Regarding Time & Motivation:
This is a challenging course that requires a great deal of independent work and motivation.  You will need to plan your time wisely and stay organized throughout the semester.  If we met every week, it would be for 2.5 hours.  Additionally the expectation for upper division courses is that students will study 3 hours per week for each hour of lecture (EKU Student Handbook). This translates as 7.5 study hours plus 2.5 class hours for a total of 10 hours per week.



The first part of the semester is spent learning about research methods and issues.  This takes about 7 weeks and includes readings, homework, and exercises to help you learn.  Some of these are graded.  The rest of the semester is spent applying this material through the development of a research proposal and by reviewing and evaluating published research articles.  Most graded activities are in the second part of the class, but they depend on knowledge and skills obtained in the first part of the class.  Therefore, the first 7 weeks are critical to your ultimate success.

The course is fully organized on Blackboard. You will download the workbook from Blackboard. 

Useful Web Sites:

Review these sites in order to use Blackboard effectively and to manage your EKU password.  Without the password, you cannot access Blackboard or your EKU e-mail.  Remember to regularly check your EKU e-mail box as official university business will be conducted via that e-mail address. 

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