a stack of books ASO 100
Freshman Orientation
Fall 2009

For chemistry and the pre-health professions, including:

Chemistry BS and BA, chemistry teaching, pre-chemical engineering, biochemistry, pre-medicine,
pre-optometry, pre-dentistry, pre-pharmacy, pre-PA, and pre-podiatry

1 credit hour

Course Description

An introduction to the programs of the University and the College. Discussion of how to study, what to consider in choosing a profession, and what career opportunities exist for graduates from the College's programs. Additional topics include University regulations, publications, and support areas. Not open to students with more than 30 semester hours.


Dr. Martin L. Brock
Office: Memorial Science 276, tel x 2-1460
email: martin.brock@eku.edu
Office hours: M-F 8-11 am (most weeks) or by appointment

Class time

3:35-4:25 pm Mondays, Moore 107 or as listed below in the schedule

Student Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to

Be actively involved in the learning process
Utilize campus resources effectively
Engage in social interaction/collaboration
Be self-reflective


The Glass Castle , by Jeanette Walls
Undergraduate Catalog (received at orientation, or can get at Registrar's office in SSB)
Student Handbook (online)
University Datebook
Colonel's Compass (online)

Course requirements

1. Class attendance (25%) Attendance for every session must be verified by signing-in, whether the class is in the usual classroom or at an alternate site.
2. Outside events required (15%).

a. Career Fairs (2%): You must attend either the Health Career Fair on Sept 28 between 2 and 6 at the Alumni Colesum, auxiary gym, or the Fall Major Expo on Sept 30 in the Keen Johnson Ballroom at some point between 11 and 2. We will have class at the Health Career Fair, since it overlaps with class time, and I will be there with the sign-in sheet to take attendance. Probably both events will have some sort of vouchers you can pick up to demonstrate attendance.
b. New Student Days events (3%): There are number of activities you have already been attending. These will also include the EKU Reads event in September. You will turn in at the end of the semester your cards where they have stamped your attendance. Be sure to hang on to these and turn in at the end.
c. Other outside events (10%): There will also be required and verified attendance at 5 University-sponsored academic events during the semester. These may not be satisfied through New Student Day activities, regularly scheduled course activities, movies, or popular music events. Academic activities whch count may include Chemistry Department-specific club meetings (chemistry, forensics or caduceus club), attending some of the Chautauqua lectures, plays sponsored by the theater program, concerts sponsored by the music department, or other seminars or academic programs as approved by the instructor. Lectures by outside speakers sponsored by the EKU community count. In every case, a one-half page (single spaced) paper must be written using a word processor detailing the important points and providing a brief appraisal of the presentation. Basically, there should be enough information to demonstrate your presence and attention at these functions. These papers will be due within one week of the activity. They will be partially assessed on the quality of your writing. Late reports will not be accepted and therefore the activity will not count in your grade. Note that if you wait to do your reports until the end of the semester, you may run out of activities to attend!

3. Use of Blackboard (5%) At midterm, your course score (your current grade) will be posted on Blackboard. You task will be simply to find that score and e-mail it back to the instructor using the communications tool in Blackboard. If you can perform this task correctly before the end of October, you will earn your blackboard grade.
4. Quizzes (10%). There will be at least two quizzes during the semester.
5. Writing assignment (25%) This is an educational autobiography, due 30 Nov, the session following the Thanksgiving break. It must be a full two pages long, single spaced and word-processed. It may exceed two pages slightly but not more than 2.25 pages. In this paper, you are to discuss how you came to choose the direction in the life you are pursuing with your chemistry (or pre-med, or pre-pharm, etc.) major. Include family, friends, or teachers as influences, and be specific how they affected the course of your life in coming to this field. If there are interesting anecdotes related to this, please share them, but briefly. Your grade will be based on writing mechanics, organization, use of language, relevance to topic, and other normal writing criteria.
6. Final Examination (20%). This will be based in part on quizzes.

Attendance will be recorded at all class periods. If you must be absent (if it is excused), then credit may be awarded for additional participation in Chemistry or Caduceus Club activities as detailed in item #2.

Grading policy

Based on the above precentages, the final grade determination will be based on 90-100% corresponding to an A, 80-89.9% will be a B, 70-79.9% will be a C and 60-69.9% will be a D. Work below 60% is failing. There will be no plus/minus grades.

Honesty and Plagiarism

Students are advised that EKU's Academic Integrity Policy will strictly be enforced in this course. The Academic Integrity policy is available at www.academicintegrity.eku.edu. Questions regarding the policy may be directed to the Office of Academic Integrity.

Students with Disabilities

If you are registered with the Office of Services for Individuals with Disabilities, please make an appointment with the course instructor to discuss any academic accommodations you need. If you need academic accommodations and are not registered with the Office of Services for Individuals with Disabilities, please contact the office on the third floor of the Student Services Building, by email at <mailto:disserv@eku.edu> or by telephone at (859) 622-2933 V/TDD. Upon individual request, this syllabus can be made available in alternative forms.

Schedule for Fall 2009 (Tentative)

Place to meet
24 Aug
Moore 107
31 Aug
Critical Thinking Assessment
Moore 107
7 Sept
Labor Day holiday!
Tues 8 Sept Alcohol awareness (mandatory) 7:00 pm Brock Auditorium
14 Sept Book discussion (Glass Castle) Moore 107
Wed 16 Sept Walls lecture
7:00 pm
Brock Auditorium
21 Sept Negotiating grades, courses; EKU CARES
Students must bring a copy of their CARES to class!
Moore 107
Tues 22 Sept Funny Money (Mandatory)
7:00 pm
Brock Auditorium
28 Sept
Health career fair
Alumni Coliseum, Auxilary gym
5 Oct Quiz 1  

5 Oct 9:05 and 11:15
Oct 6 11:00 and 12:30
Oct 29 9:30
Oct 30 8 am

Alcohol 101: mandatory session (choose 1) SSB Auditorium
12 Oct
Fall Break!
19 Oct Chemistry as a major Moore 107
26 Oct** Gen Ed discussion Moore 107
2 Nov
Being advised
9 Nov Post-graduate plans Moore 107
16 Nov Quiz 2 Moore 107
23 Nov Test-taking strategies Moore 107
30 Nov Papers due  
7 Dec Final exam Moore 107

* August 28 (Friday) is the last day to add or drop classes.

** October 30 (Friday) is the last day you may withdraw from a class.

For futher information about this course, please contact Dr. Martin Brock at Eastern Kentucky University.