Taylor Fork Ecological Area


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Upcoming Event: Blackberry Picking

Dates: July 1-July 14

Use your smart phone with this Google Map link to get directions from your own location: http://goo.gl/maps/fXqpl

Please sign in at the visitor log as you enter Taylor Fork. If you are unfamiliar with the area please look over maps carefully.

Taylor Fork is a natural area managed for conservation and restoration of wildlife. You will encounter dense brambles, ticks, chiggers, poison ivy, heat, sun, and no restrooms. There are no venomous snakes. Be sure to bring drinking water, and a container for blackberries. Long sleeve pants and shirts, sunscreen, and a hat are recommended.

Detailed description of the habitat.  

Here’s a basic rundown about access:

As you leave McKinney Skills Drive the road will turn to gravel and become increasingly rough. You will pass through 4 gates. The first two gates should be left open. If you get locked in you should contact EKU Campus Police to let you out (622-1111). The last two gates should be closed behind you as you pass through since cattle use this area. At the Burn bldg. you will encounter the first closed gate. Proceed through the gate and be sure to close it behind you. Once you arrive at the Taylor Fork Ecological Area you can park just outside of the closed gate on the gravel turn-around loop. Cattle will occasionally rub cars in this area, so you can pull through the last gate if you’d like. Just inside the gate you will find a sign with a map and a visitor log-in box. Do not drive beyond this area. In early July you can walk up the hill to find blackberries. If you get disoriented, find a high area and follow trails that that head back towards the EKU buildings visible in the distance.


Contact: david.brown@eku.edu for more information



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