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Vigyan “Vigs” Jackson Chandra, Ph.D.

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   Prof. Vigs  

Professor & Coordinator
Computer Networking Security & Electronics

Program Information: Flyer, PDF, and Brochure

Office Hours in: 200B or 403 Whalin
Telephone:(859) 622-1187

Mailing Address:
Eastern Kentucky University
307 Whalin Technology Complex
521 Lancaster Avenue
Richmond, Kentucky 40475

Network Security Management (NSM) concentration, MS Degree

Applied Engineering and Tec
Management (AETM)

Grad Program
Graduate Catalog

2018-19, '17-18, '16-17, '15-16,
2014-15, '13-14, '12-13  
NSM Program Information

List of classes, Admissions & Curriculum guide

Network Security & Electronics (NET), BS Degree & accelerated 3+2 BS to MS

BS(CST) 2019-20 Curriculum guide
3+2 BS(NET) Curriculum guide

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BS Program Map

3+2 BS(NET) Accelerated BS to MS Program Map

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Computer support

Network administrators

Computer Electronics (CE) concentration, AAS Degree

Curriculum guide
Advising/registration for Summer/Fall 2019 classes
AAS(Tec-CE) Program Map,

Schedule of
Key summer/fall 2019 classes

Future job prospects

Electronics Techs

Associate of General Studies Degree

Computer Network Systems Concentration

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Electricity & Electronics

Curriculum guide

Minors and Certificates

Computer Electronics Tech

Cyber Systems and Network Security

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NET Program Related Information

Catalog Applied Engr & Tech Dept MS(NSM), BS(NET/EET) course descriptions NET_EKU Twitter
Departmental Scholarships Undergrad Catalog
2018-19, '17-18, '16-17, '15-16, '14-15, '13-14, '12-13
GenEd Elements
Minor - Comp. Electronics Technology
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NET Faculty Members

Prof. Jeff Kilgore Dr. Ray Richardson Dr. Rendong Bai

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. David Freet
Prof. Anthony Friend
Prof. Jagger Coffey

Capstone Projects

2006 Projects 2007 Projects 2008 Projects
2009 Projects 2010 Projects 2012 Projects
2013 Projects 2014 Projects 2015 Projects
2016 Projects 2017 Projects 2018 Projects
2019 Projects

Solution-based Learning (SBL): American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) 2016 presentation (PPTX), prez with notes (PDF), link to paper
Critical Thinking on Tap at the qepCafe
Critical/Creative Thinking Foundations pptx, odp, pdf, handout pdf
Interweaving critical and creative thinking Workshop in pptx, odp, pdf, handout pdf

Critical and Creative Thinking: Definitions handout
Critical thinking scenario: Initial-app, Structured-register

Critical thinking scenario: Initial-app, Structured-app
Critical thinking scenario: Initial-notice, Structured-notice
Critical thinking scenario: Initial-voting, Structured-voting

EKU's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)
Presentation in: flash, pptx odp, pdf, handout pdf,
Article Review Procedure in docx , odp , pdf

Assess to Assure Learning & Student Success
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Technology Student Association (TSA) EKU Competitions:
TSA-EKU Regionals, Teacher access page

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