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Vigyan “Vigs” Jackson Chandra, Ph.D.


Professor & Coordinator
Computer Networking Security & Electronics

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Office Hours in: 200B or 403 Whalin
Telephone: (859) 622-1187

Mailing Address:
Eastern Kentucky University
307 Whalin Technology Complex ( Fall 2016 construction map )
521 Lancaster Avenue
Richmond, Kentucky 40475

Network Security Management (NSM) concentration, MS Degree
Applied Engineering and Tech Management (AETM)

Grad Program
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2016-17, '15-16, 2014-15, '13-14, '12-13  
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Network Security & Electronics (NET), BS Degree
2016-17 Curriculum guide
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Computer support

Network administrators
Computer Electronics (CE) concentration, AAS Degree
2016-17 Curriculum guide
Advising/registration for Spring and Summer 2017 classes
Chart of classes Future job prospects

Electronics Techs
Associate of General Studies Degree
Computer Network Systems Concentration

Curriculum guide
Electricity & Electronics

Curriculum guide
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Minor - Comp. Electronics Technology
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NET Faculty Members
Prof. Jeff Kilgore Dr. Ray Richardson
Dr. Steve Fardo Prof. Dale Patrick (emiritus) Prof. Jeremy Witt
(part-time instructor)
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My Class Outlines
EET 251 - Electricity & Electronics
(Spring, '09)
EET 302 - PC Selection & Troubleshooting
(Spring, '05)
NET 440 - Fiber-optics & Communications
(Fall, '11)
EET 252 - Digital Electronics
(Spring, '14)
NET 303 - LANs and PC Communications
(Spring, '14)
EET 452 - Electrical Power & Drives
(Spring, '10)
EET 254 - Machine Language for Microcontrollers
(Spring, '09)
EET 343 - Network Switches & Routers
(Spring, '06)
EET/NET 499 - Capstone Project in CEN/NET
(Spring, '14)
EET 257 - Electronic Devices & Circuits
(Spring, '14)
EET 351 - Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
(Sum., '05)
EET 352 - Electrical Power Technology
(Fall, '04)
EET 356 - Communication Electronics
(Spring, '03)
EET 395 - Linux Administration
(Fall, '05)
EET 395 - Web and Application Services
(Fall, '06)
EET/NET 399 - Capstone Project in CET
(Spring, '14)
TEC 161 - Computer Applications in Industry
(Sum., '04)
TEC 830 - Creative Problem Solving
(Sum., '05)
INT 802 - Productivity Assessment and Analysis
(Fall, '06)
Other EET Faculty Class Outlines
Dr. Ray Richardson
EET 253 - Microprocessor systems
(Fall, '06)
Prof. Jeff Kilgore
EET 354 - Microcomputer & network security
(Fall, '14)
EET 403 - Advanced LANs & PC communications
(Spring, '06)
EET 454 - Wireless/WAN security
(Fall, '14)
Dr. Dennis Field or Prof. Ted Lloyd
EET/NET 349 - Cooperative Study
Please contact EET/NET faculty for the most up-to-date course outlines, especially in the area of the following computer systems and networking courses - NET302, 303, 343, 354, 395, 403 and 454 which are taught primarily by Prof. Jeff Kilgore.
Solution-based Learning (SBL): American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) 2016 presentation (PPTX), prez with notes (PDF), link to paper
Critical Thinking on Tap at the qepCafe
Critical/Creative Thinking Foundations pptx, odp, pdf, handout pdf
Interweaving critical and creative thinking Workshop in pptx, odp, pdf, handout pdf

Critical and Creative Thinking: Definitions handout
Critical thinking scenario: Initial-app, Structured-register

Critical thinking scenario: Initial-app, Structured-app
Critical thinking scenario: Initial-notice, Structured-notice
Critical thinking scenario: Initial-voting, Structured-voting

EKU's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)
Presentation in: flash, pptx odp, pdf, handout pdf,
Article Review Procedure in docx , odp , pdf

Assess to Assure Learning & Student Success
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