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Vigs Chandra

Hi! I joined the faculty of the Technology Department at Eastern Kentucky University in Fall 2002, and currently serve as coordinator of the EET program, which includes the BS degree in Computer Electronic Networking and the AAS degree in Technology, with specialization in Computer Electronics. I hold graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the University of Kentucky; along with certifications in several computer related areas. Having worked for several years as a maintenance engineer in a highly automated manufacturing facility and participated in discrete event system control research, I have broad background in electrical, manufacturing and computer systems. I am a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and of the Instrumentation, Systems and Automation society (ISA).

At EKU I teach courses related to computer systems and applications; networking concepts; communication, digital, analog, and machine control electronics. What I like most about teaching computer electronics and networking technology classes is working with students one-to-one. The work we do here at EKU, and are learning, I believe, will one day be important to many, in areas that extend beyond the classroom. Along with the other faculty members in the department I share a keen interest in creating a student centered environment here at EKU. I have been nominated for the Golden Apple award for teaching excellence at Eastern, and to the Who’s Who Among American Teachers & Educators.

I enjoy reading about upcoming technologies, sci-fi, politics, biographies, and the gentle words of wisdom by Mattie Stepanek, Richard Bach, Maxime Kingston; traveling to exotic places, seeing the sights, and tasting the local foods; am deeply interested in promoting environmental and animal care issues; enjoy long walks; Sudoku; and listening to the music of Jimmy Buffet, Iz, as well as, most types of instrumental music. On a friend's suggestion, who correctly claims I've become something of a mole, burrowing out of everyone's sight, this blog hosted through Google, is an attempt to prove otherwise.

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Where I'm at -

          Office:                             Home:

   307 Whalin Technology Complex         535 Mahaffey Dr Apt B5 	
   Department of Technology              Richmond, KY 40475-2434
   Eastern Kentucky University           
   521 Lancaster Avenue
   Richmond, KY 40475 
   Phone: (859) 622-1187                 Phone: (859) 626-4059
   Email:           Email:
   Dept. fax: (859) 622-2357
   Dept. phone: (859) 622-3232

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Updated Sept., 2010