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Ecology class in Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, NC; late 1970s.
The hemlocks were still magnificent then; all of these students are seated on a single fallen hemlock tree,
which died at an age of over 300 years from natural causes.
photo by Ross Clark


Thanks to all my students . . . at:  UNC; Upstate University (then USC-Spartanburg); Converse College; Graz Center, Austria; Erskine College; The Morton Arboretum; Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area; The School for New Learning (DePaul Univ.); LSU; Berea College; and Eastern Kentucky University.  You have made my professional career a full one, enriched my life in many dimensions, and left me with incomparable memories.

And thanks to all my mentors and colleagues, both formal and informal, for all the comaraderie and good ideas you've given me, and for the insights and accomplishments you have helped me achieve.
I will be retiring from full-time teaching July 1, 2009.  After that date, I expect to maintain a web site, perhaps at this URL.  My usual EKU e-mail address should remain

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