Test 2: Africa (South of the Sahara), Middle East (North Africa, SW Asia)
Summer 2011

Due: Noon Monday, June 13

Enter the BEST answers.
Please remember that course materials are the first line of authority, not other sites on the Internet.
For demographic data use the 2010 Population Data Sheet. You may need to consult the other available reference resources, e.g., CIA World Factbook, Department of State's Background Notes, and UN Development Program Human Development Index Country Report

Print the test and first read all instructions carefully. Then work on the questions. Jot down your answer on paper.
When finished, go to Blackboard Assignments page, click Test 2, then click the circle button next to the BEST answer for each question. When finished, click Save and Submit at the bottom. Wait for the report for your grade. You have the option of taking the test a second time (a second "attempt") but remember that the latest score is the one that counts and is entered as your grade.

Also remember that once you enter the test on Bb, you are committed and that counts as an attempt. Trying to back out of it by using the Backspace key or shutting down the program will not change Bb's mind that you attempted the test. Be very careful--you could receive a 0, which is irrevocable. Please do not request a reset--in fairness to everyone this will not be granted. However, as pointed out for Quiz 1, if you get an error message when submitting, write down the message and call me right away, 859-625-4545.

Lost points due to failure in following instructions, however seemingly trivial, will not be compensated by score adjustment. Be very careful.
Also please remember the syllabus statement on technology problems.

Crossword puzzle and matching = 1 pt each; Multiple choice = 2 pts each. Total = 50 pts. Extra credit = 1.5 pts each.

Crossword Puzzle (1 pt each)
Work the puzzle and then fill in the correct answers in Bb in numeric order (ignore across and down used here).
Correct spelling is essential--be careful. Letter case is not critical--capitalization is not required.

3. Oil nation invaded by Saddam Hussein in early 1990s (which started the Desert Storm war)
6. International oil cartel (abbreviation used as the one word name; no periods)
7. Constitutional racial segregation
8. First president of truly democratic South Africa (last name)
10. Middle East nation promoting larger families
1. Most populated city in both regions under study
2. Lingua franca of East Africa, dating back to pre-colonial times
4. Jordanian area occupied by Israel, could have become a Palestinian homeland.(Two words, don't use a blank between, e.g., North Area = northarea)
5. Controversial Islamic law in Nigeria
9. Kenya's worst medical problem

Matching (1 pt each)
For questions 11-20 choose the correct single letter from the following answer table of choices. DO NOT ENTER THE NAME.
Letters are used only once.
In Blackboard, enter the only the correct letter (capital or lower case); no period or other input.
Each letter is designed to answer only one question (used only once). Also, each question should have only one letter answer.
If you believe a letter can be used for more than one question: (1) you may be wrong; (2) search for satisfactory alternatives for either question; (3) when in doubt, provide the BEST answer; (4) if needed, use the Challenge option after the test to make your point (literally and figuratively).

A. Iran B. Nigeria C. Swaziland D. Shi'ite
E. Turks
F. Indian Ocean
G. East African Plains
H. Republic of South Africa
I. Gambia
J. Kurds
K. Israel
L. Turkey
M. Congo Rain Forest
N. Communists
O. Highlands
P. Iraq
Q. Sunni R. Rwanda S. al-Qaeda (al-Qaida) T. Saudi Arabia
U. Strait of Hormuz
V. Katanga
W. Egypt
X. Sahel

11. Spatially (regarding area) the largest sect of Islam _____

12. Nation with known nuclear weapons _____

13. Ethnic group indigenous to Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria _____

14. The major secular government state of the Middle East _____

15. Mineral-rich province (not nation) in central Africa _____

16. A major geographic choke point in the Middle East _____

17. Highest population nation of Africa (South of the Sahara) _____

18. Smallest area nation on mainland (not island) Africa South of the Sahara _____

19. The group with organized terrorist attacks dedicated to punishing the perceived enemies of the Islamic people. _____

20. African savanna zone that is undergoing significant desertification _____

Multiple Choice (2 pts each)
Choose the BEST answer.
Questions 21-28 refer primarily to Africa South of the Sahara

21. The image above, looking approximately southward, shows which southern African environment?
A. Namib Desert
B. Great Rift Valley
C. Kalahari Desert
D. Sinai Peninsula

E. Sahel
F. Sahara Desert

22. After your 5-location African photo journey, you do not remember the location of the two images (above) and have lost your notes. Use your judgment--which nation/area is the best possibility?
A. Cape Town area, South Africa
B. Mogadishu, Somalia
C. Tsavo National Park, Kenya
D. Central Botswana
E. Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

23. Every country has some areas that can support people, of course, but in general which one below has the lowest overall natural carrying capacity?
A. South Africa
B. Nigeria
C. Rwanda
D. Somalia
E. Ghana

24. The nation in the worst socioeconomic (not necessarily political) situation today is
A. Gabon
B. Kenya
C. Nigeria
D. Zimbabwe
E. Rwanda

25. Large monetary loans from Britain to Kenya, with stipulations that the funds be used to purchase British products and services, is an example of
A. Economic hegemony
B. Socialism
C. Colonialism
D. Neocolonialism
E. Good business practices

26. As a petroleum industry consultant you want to do business in a stable country that has significant oil supplies and an upper or middle-income economy. Your best choice is
A. Somalia
B. Gabon
C. Zimbabwe
D. Tanzania

27. Life expectancy in Africa statistically is:
A. much lower in urban than in rural areas
B. much higher in tropical Africa than in Europe
C. lower than in most other less developed regions of the world
D. higher than in most other less developed regions of the world

28. Here is your next vacation spot. Where is this lovely African location?
A. Namibia
B. Southern Nigeria
C. Mt. Kilimanjaro
D. Rift Valley
E. Seychelles
F. Dubai

Questions 29-35 refer primarily to North Africa and Southwest Asia ("Middle East")

29. The 2011 "Arab Spring" is a largely surprising
A. Volatile resurgence terrorism against the Western nations
B. Uprising of citizens demanding major political and economic reforms
C. Military coups to overthrow governments that are too friendly with the U.S.
D. Movements to establish socialist policies for social equality
E. Harsh program for more suppression of citizens by autocratic totalitarian regimes

30. A major reason Turkey has not yet gained entry into the E.U. is its
A. Asian nation nature and status
B. Islamic religion
C. Human rights issues dealing with the Kurds
D. Poor economy
E. Assistance to the U.S. in the Iraqi war

31. City that is sacred to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
A. Jerusalem
B. Riyadh
C. Cairo
D. Baghdad
E. Istanbul

32. The primary political aim of Islamism and Islamic leaders and nations today is
A. Humiliation of the U.S.
B. Turning the world into an Islamic culture
C. Destruction of Israel
D. Global economic supremacy
E. Revival of Islam as a powerful voice on the world stage

33. It is clear that the key to lasting peace in the Middle East region will require
A. Civil war in Israel
B. Pre-emptive nuclear attack on Iran by Israel.
C. Pre-emptive nuclear attack by Israel on Iran.
D. Dissolution of Israel
E. A two-state solution involving recognition of Palestine and Israel as viable nations

34. The photo above, taken from from space, clearly shows which part of North Africa / Southwest Asia?
A. Atlas Mts, Morocco
B. Rub al-Khali (Empty Quarter) region, Saudi Arabia
C. Tigris and Euphrates Rivers near Baghdad, Iran
D. Egypt--Nile River and delta (with Cairo) and the Mediterranean
E. Istanbul, Turkey and Strait of Bosporus

35. Major climate of the Arabian Peninsula (the choices below are correct; see the text and notes)
A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D
E. E


Extra Credit: (1.5 pt each)

36. Extra Credit: Of the three Africa case study people, which one has the best prospects of elevated social and economic status?
A. Mary
B. Matthew Toby Baldo
C. Zethu
D. None of them have potentially positive futures.

37. Extra Credit: The concept of establishing a "sphere of influence" is at play in the region. Which situation below is not a good example of the concept?
A. China becoming a major customer of Iranian oil.
B. The idea of Israel and Iran exchanging nukes.
C. Iranian proposal to construct an oil pipeline to India.
D. Iran's support of extremist and terrorists in the Iraq war.

38. Extra Credit: This photo shows a very handsome young explorer viewing the
A. Great Rift Valley, Northern Kenya
B. Okavango Delta
C. Kenyan coast
D. Sahel