Independent Study Opportunities

Live Stereo Tracking

Develop a software application using two cameras, with pan/tilt control, to track objects in 3D. The calibrated binocular camera system will use the Microsoft Platform SDK to acquire the video stream and control the camera orientation. A succesful implementation will be able to provide a real-time estimate of the metric position of a tracked object in worldspace. Initially, simple objects such as colored balls will be used to tracked.

Related Work:
  • High Performance Object Tracking System Using Active Cameras. Haiyuan WU, Qian CHEN, Hiroshi OIKE, Chunsheng HUA, Toshikazu Wada, and Takekazu KATO (Wakayama University)
    Description (PDF)
  • Sports Video Calibration

    Develop a software application to analyze individual components of a video recording of sporting events. Use known scene properties such as field/court properties to calibrate camera parameters. The estimated parameters will be used to generate novel views of the play area, automatically annotate film, and generate meta-data.

    Related Work:
  • Virtualized Reality: Perspectives on 4D Digitization of Dynamic Events. T. Kanade and P.J. Narayanan (PDF)

  • Retinal Image Analysis

    Develop a software application to process digital images of the retina. Detect and align multiple images of the same eye to allow post-processing. Develop a surface reconstruction method from multiple images using stereo matching.