Marianella Machado-Echezuria

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Primary Area: Foreign Languages & Humanities
Office: Case Annex 359
Email Address:
Web Page:
Office Hours: By Appt. Only
Phone: 622 1468

Course Information

SPA 101 29721Conversational Spanish I10:10-11:00JAN 20-MAY 16Case Annex 159Spring 2015
SPA 102 29722Conversational Spanish II09:30-10:45JAN 20-MAY 16Wallace Bldg 332Spring 2015
SPA 201 23536Intermediate Conver Spanish I12:30-13:45JAN 20-MAY 16Combs Building 413Spring 2015
SPA 360 29190Advanced Review14:00-15:15JAN 20-MAY 16New Science Building 5114Spring 2015


Vita Curriculum 2010

Department of Foreign Languages and Humanities