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My interests are in moral philosophy, broadly construed. Much of my recent work considers the relationship between living with integrity--and standing by one's own convictions--and living well with others. I examine these issues through the lens of virtues such as courage, humility, tolerance, and most recently, patience. The writings of Wittgenstein and several philosophers influenced by him (including Rush Rhees, Cora Diamond, and Raimond Gaita) greatly interest me. I've also been thinking, teaching, and writing about the place of animals in ethical theory and about environmental ethics. My primary project right now is to finish a book about patience (and perhaps in the process to learn some).

I did my schooling at the University of Arkansas, near my hometown (Tontitown, AR). I received my Ph.D. in Philosophy in 2008, after first taking a B.A. in English with a creative writing emphasis in 2002. I was a visiting assistant professor for a year at Truman State University before coming to EKU in August 2009.

Recent news (last updated 7.14.15):

  • My book On Patience is now under contract with Lexington Books! Look for updates on the book blog and on my personal blog.
  • Available Online First: Nietzschean Patience, in The Journal of Value Inquiry
  • Now in Print: "The Virtues of the Twelve Steps" in Sobering Wisdom ed. Jerome Miller and Nicholas Plants (University of Virginia Press, 2014)
  • Two articles about animal ethics based on an interview I gave appear online at here and here. (Thanks to Jeanneatte Smith for asking me to do the interview!)