Avian Biology:
Everything you wanted to know about birds . . . and more

by Gary Ritchison

Department of Biological Sciences
Eastern Kentucky University

Summaries of Some Recently Published Papers in Avian Biology


I - Introduction to Birds

II - Feather Evolution

III - Bird Flight  I

IV - Bird Flight II and Other Means of Locomotion

V - The Geography of Birds I

VI - The Geography of Birds II

VII - Migration

VIII - Navigation and Orientation

IX - Avian Integument

X - Digestive System: Food & Feeding Habits

XI - Urinary System, Salt Glands, & Osmoregulation

XII - Circulatory System

XIII - Respiratory System

XIV - Energy Balance & Thermoregulation

XV - Nervous System: Brain & Senses I

XVI - Nervous System: Brain & Senses II

XVII - Vocal Communication

XVIII - Territorial & Colonial Behavior

XIX - Bird Groups

XX - Mating Systems

XXI - Avian Reproduction I: Anatomy & the Bird Egg

XXII - Avian Reproduction II: Nests

XXIII - Avian Reproduction III: Clutch Size, Incubation, & Hatching

XXIV - Parental Care

XXV - Dispersal


Avian Anatomy and Taxonomy:

External morphology & topography
Feathers & feather tracts
External structural characteristics
Musculature & internal anatomy
Egg structure and development
Taxonomic categories & keys
Identification techniques & Avian Taxonomy


ONLINE FIELD GUIDE (eNature.com) +
Songs & calls of more than 550 birds

BIO 554/754 - Ornithology syllabus



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