BIO 554/754

Bird nails

Acute: the nails are extremely curved and sharp-pointed, as in a woodpecker.
Drawing of a Hairy Woodpecker
Obtuse: the nails are less curved and have rather blunt points, as in a ruffed grouse. Photo of a Ruffed Grouse
Lengthened: the nails are rather straight and elongated but sharp-pointed, as in the hallux nail of the Horned Lark.
Drawing of a Horned Lark
Pectinate: the nails have serrated edges, as the middle nail of a heron Photo of a pectinate nail
Flattened: the nails are so extremely flattened and broadened as to resemble a human finger nail, as in a grebe.
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Drawings of the different types of bird feet

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