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Peplos Kore, 530 BCE Republic Pastiche
Hieronymous Bosch, 1500 The Three Goods
Peter Paul Rubens, 1602 The Soul
Jan Saenredam, 1604 The Ship
Pietro Testa, 1648 The Huge Beast
Richard Aquila Poem, 1981 The Cave
The Telos (a dialogue)
Republic Poem
  The Myth of Er
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Platonic Verbal Images Suitable for Visual Representation
                 (Updated irregularly)
Plato has long been considered the arch-enemy of art both literary and visual. Allegedly, Book X of his Republic shows that he considered art to be so far removed from life's realities as to be downright dangerous! Yet Plato's philosophical dialogues display extraordinary literary artistry, and they are replete with vivid verbal images suitable for creative visual representation.

There are a good many busts and paintings of Plato and Socrates, but, curiously, hardly any works of art based on the verbal images in Plato's dialogues; I've found only a few. But I regularly invite beginning philosophy students to try their hand at doing Platonic visual images and Platonic literature, and this site is mainly dedicated to displaying their work. The works should make it obvious that "Platonic Art" is no oxymoron!

          If there's other Platonic art, please let me know!